Stand Prices

What's included:

When working out the size of stand you think you will require, please take into account the amount of equipment or promotional items you will be bringing. You are only allowed to place items within the footprint of your stand, you cannot expand out into the walkways.

Basic stand sizes available are 3m x 1m (£450 + VAT), 2m x 2m (£600 + VAT), 3m x 2m (£900 + VAT) but for larger companies, stands can be combined. Please feel free to contact ther organisers if you have any queries. This cost is for the basic shell scheme and is for both days of the event.

Optional extras include 500W power supply (£25 + VAT each) , spotlights (£25 + VAT per pair), tressle tables (£6.65 + VAT each), table cloths (£4.20 + VAT each) and chairs (£4.20 + VAT each). These items can be booked either with your stand, or in the weeks leading up to the event.